Alderman Cochran is determined to keep the streets of this ward safe and livable, and maintains constant contact with the individual CPD District Commanders to ensure that crime is driven down as low as possible.

Police Districts in the 20th Ward

2nd District
Dion Boyd
5101 S. Wentworth Ave. 
Chicago, IL 60609
PH: 312-747-8366
FX: 312-747-5396

3rd District 
Gloria J. Hanna
7040 S. Cottage Grove Ave.
Chicago, IL 60637
PH: 312-747-5530
FX: 312-747-5479

7th District 
Roderick D. Robinson
1438 W. 63rd St.
Chicago, IL 60636
PH: 312-747-8220
FX: 312-747-6558

9th District 
Randal L. Darin
3120 S. Halsted St. 
Chicago, IL 60608
PH: 312-747-8227
FX: 312-747-5329

20th Ward Comprehensive Gang Violence Resource

The 20th Ward has issued a list of resources you can contact if you are experiencing gang violence in your neighborhood. 


To find out your CPD District, Beat Number and the date of your next Beat Meeting, visit CAPSure, a Chicago Police community meetings calendar.

Map of CPD Beats

Refer to this Google map to find out what Beat you are located in, and what the boundaries of the individual Beats are. You can also access the date and location of your next Beat Meeting through this map.

Crime in Chicago Open App

The 20th Ward has achieved notable successes in crime reduction. To have a clearer idea of how exactly we have made our streets safer, view an interactive analysis of Crime in Chicago.

Chicago Police Department CLEARMap System

The CPD's Graphic Crime Mapping system allows users to enter their address and retrieve a history of police reports and incidents within a 1 mile range of their home. 

Emergency Identification Bracelet Program

Seniors over the age of 60 can contact their local Chicago Police Department to get an emergency identification bracelet for $7, which will have all your vital information in case of a sudden health emergency.