RunOff Election & Cold Weather Services

You've probably heard by now: We're headed to a run-off election on Tuesday, April 7th. This past Election Day was a surprising one. We have 19 Aldermanic Races headed to a run-off election.  The Mayor's race is headed to a runoff for the first time in history.  Voter turnout was less than we were anticipating. We were just 155 votes short of claiming a victory. I am confident of the April 7th  election outcome. Our track record of accomplishments speaks volumes, and we're eager to keep getting things done for you in the 20th Ward.

As we continue through the rest of this frigid winter, I want to remind you that there are numerous resources to assist Chicagoans through cold-weather emergencies. The Department of Family and Support Services coordinates a network of Warming Centers throughout the city of Chicago. The Garfield Center at 10 S. Kedzie Ave. operates 24-hrs/day and helps connect individuals and families to shelter. Information on the location and hours of all Warming Centers in the City is available by calling 3-1-1.

DFSS will provide transportation for the elderly and the disabled who cannot get to a Warming Center on their own. The DFSS Human Services Mobile Outreach Program in partnership with Catholic Charities will ensure vehicles and drivers are available during periods of extreme cold, providing transportation during these critical temperatures.

I also want to remind you that the City of Chicago mandates minimum temperatures in residential units from September 15 to June 1. Indoor temperatures must be a minimum of 68 degrees from 8:30 AM - 10:30PM, and a minimum of 66 degrees overnight. If your landlord controls your heat settings and is not delivering adequate heat, please call 3-1-1 to file a report. If you have elderly neighbors, I ask you to lend a hand to ensure their safety as well. Chicago Winters are difficult, especially with high snowfall accumulations and record cold temperatures, but lending a hand can make it easier to navigate for all of us.

Posted on February 28, 2015 .