OPL and Red Light Cameras

Last week was a very exciting week for the 20th Ward, with recent updates regarding the Obama Presidential Library and red-light cameras. I'm proud to announce that we are one step closer to bringing the Obama Library home to the South Side! Last week, the Chicago Planning Commission approved the transfer of land for the library in Washington or Jackson Park. 

 As I've said in the past, building the Obama library in our community will not only bring economic development and jobs to the South Side, but will also make our beautiful parks a cultural destination. A recently conducted economic study from the University of Chicago shows that the library would bring 3,300 local jobs to the South Side, investments in transportation infrastructure, and tax revenue for the city and CPS. President Obama made history when he became the first African-American president to take office in 2008. Let's celebrate his accomplishments by welcoming him and his family back to the South Side. Check out this website for more information about the plans for the library and the economic development it will bring.

 Additionally, Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced this week that the city will remove 50 red light cameras at 25 locations across Chicago. After many years of advocating for changes, it is a delight to have this decision happen. The city will also allow first-time offenders to take an online traffic course instead of paying a $100 fine.  I fully support Mayor Emanuel's decision and encourage the re-evaluation of the Red Light Program. 

 Clearly, changes need to be made to this unfair ticketing system and this is a great first step. In the 20th Ward, cameras will be removed at 63rd and S. Halsted, Ashland and 47th, and Ashland and Garfield. You can find a detailed map of all of the cameras from the Chicago Tribune here

-Alderman "Willie B." Cochran

Posted on March 16, 2015 .