Big Rebates for Affordable Housing Landlords

If you own a multi-family building with affordable apartments, the not-for-profit organization Elevate Energy can help significantly lower your operating costs through the State of Illinois DCEO Low-Income Multifamily program.

Eligible building owners may qualify for rebates for these improvements:

·         Interior and exterior lighting upgrades (including parking lot lighting)

·         Refrigerator replacement

·         Low-flow showerheads & faucet aerators

·         Steam trap replacement or repair

·         Variable speed drives for HVAC pumps

·         Smart power strips and programmable thermostats

For senior buildings Elevate can also connect owners with additional grants for commercial kitchen refrigeration upgrades and vending machine retrofits.

Depending on the building needs, DCEO grants can also be used to subsidize the costs of boiler replacement, air sealing and insulation.

 Do you qualify? Call Pete DeMay at (773)791-1428 and apply today! Or check out Elevate’s website at


Posted on October 10, 2016 .