Streets & Sanitation Fall Update: Bagged Leaf Collection

Important Dates:

October 17 – November 30-- Yard Waste Collection

November 15 --America Recycles Day

Yard Waste Collection

The City is coordinating dedicated yard waste collection trucks this spring to assist residents in clearing their yards, parkways and storm drains following the winter season. Residents can call 311 to request separate yard waste collection from October 17 through November 30. Yard waste should be left in the alley or at the curb for collection, and bagged separately from garbage in the black carts and separately from recycling in the blue carts. A Streets and Sanitation truck will collect the bags based on 311 requests and take it to be composted.

America Recycles Day

Did you know that recycling one plastics bottle could light a 60-watt bulb for six hours? Celebrate America Recycle Day, November 15 by promoting recycling in your ward. Residents can visit to learn more about what can be recycled in a Chicago blue cart. *Source: Earth911 2012

Streets Sweeping

Chicago’s street sweeping season will run through mid-November. If a street is scheduled for sweeping, a temporary no parking sign will be posted along the route the day before service to ensure curb-to-curb cleaning. Some streets may already have permanently posted signs that specify when parking is prohibited due to sweeping. Residents who need more than a one day notice of street sweeping should contact their local ward sanitation office. The 2016 street sweeping schedule is available at 

Posted on October 14, 2016 .