Chicago Property Tax Rebate Program

Now Accepting Applications for the City of Chicago Property Tax Rebate Program at 26 Neighborhood Locations Citywide

Application Deadline is November 30, 2016, and rebate checks will be received six to eight weeks after processing.

The City of Chicago Property Tax Rebate Program provides working- and middle-class families and seniors some property tax relief through a City-funded rebate. Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago City Council are implementing this rebate program to offset the property tax increase needed to fund the pensions of police officers and firefighters.

The program is available to homeowners citywide, and it is easy to apply at any of the 26 neighborhood locations and at City Hall. The program includes a standard rebate for qualifying homeowners, a senior supplement for eligible senior homeowners, and an enhanced grant for homeowners experiencing significant hardship.

If you are a Chicago homeowner with a household adjusted gross income (HAGI) of $75,000 or less earned in 2015 and the City portion of your most recent property tax bill (received in July 2016) increased from the previous year’s property tax bill (received in July 2015), you may be eligible for a rebate from the City of Chicago.

Homeowners can apply for a rebate beginning October 1, 2016. The application deadline is November 30, 2016. Homeowners must apply for the rebate in person at one of the neighborhood processing locations or at City Hall.

The following provides detail on the eligibility requirements for the City of Chicago rebate program, possible rebate amounts, documentation needed to apply for a rebate, and locations to apply for the rebate along with additional information regarding the rebate program.


In order to qualify for a City of Chicago property tax rebate, homeowners must meet all the following eligibility requirements:

  • Chicago Resident and Homeowner;
  • Received the Cook County Homeowners' Exemption in the most recent property tax year;
  • Household adjusted gross income of $75,000 or less in 2015;
  • City of Chicago portion of property taxes increased on most recent tax bill;
  • Current on the payment of property taxes;
  • Do not owe real estate taxes on other property located in Chicago; and
  • Do not have City debt (e.g. parking tickets, overdue water bills). In cases where City debt is owed, the rebate will be applied to the debt.

For the senior supplement and enhanced grant, other eligibility requirements apply and are discussed further in those sections.

Where do I apply?

Eligible Chicago homeowners can apply for the standard rebate, senior supplement, and/or the enhanced grant at any of the 26 neighborhood processing locations between October 1, 2016 and November 30, 2016. Applications will not be accepted after November 30, 2016.

For more information, please visit the Tax Rebate Program Website. 


Posted on October 26, 2016 .