Changes to Residential Parking Zone Daily Permits

Starting this week, residents who live in a zone parking area have the option to purchase up to three sheets of Daily Parking Permits per 30 day period. Prior to this change, customers were eligible for only two sheets of Daily Parking Permits. Chicago City Clerk Susana A. Mendoza announced the customer-service initiative on Tuesday.

It’s a common sense move, it’s efficient and customer friendly, Mendoza said. 

“By lessening the number of trips a customer makes to a sales location we reduce the time a person spends waiting in line. That’s good for them and us,” she said.

“Limiting customers to two sheets also created a rushed feeling. Allowing residents to buy more permits makes it easier to plan ahead for parties, special events and holidays. People shouldn’t be inconvenienced because they decide to host family and friends.”

The price of the permits remains the same. Each sheet cost $8 and contains 15 permits. Parking permits can be conveniently purchased through EZ>BUY at

Posted on February 24, 2016 .