Block Party Permit Applications

If you would like to host a block party, access the online version of the application here or pick up a physical copy at our constituent service office. Please make sure you read the procedure document carefully, as here have been changes in the procedure and requirements. All applications must be submitted in person and applicants must provide an ID or other proof of address. 

Disabled Parking Placard & Parking Posts

To obtain a disabled parking placard, fill out the above form with attending physician's signature and mail it to the State of Illinois's central office in Springfield. If you wish to have the City of Chicago install handicapped parking posts in front of your home, you must be issued a Disabled Parking Placard from the Secretary of State first. If you already have one, please visit our office to submit an application for parking posts. 

Moving Van/Public Way permit

If you have a moving van that will block an alley or a street, you will need a Moving Van/Public Way permit.

Residential Move Permit

If you are moving, our office can offer Residential Move Permits that you may use on your moving day. This permit will allow you to secure a parking space in front of your home for your moving truck, so that you may load and unload more easily. Residential Move Permits are posted 1-2 days in advance so that neighbors know not to park in front of the designated zone. For more information, call our office at 773-955-5610.

Garage and Yard Sales Permit

If you would like to host a Garage, Yard or Sidewalk Sale, please submit this occasional sales permit application to our Constituent Service Office. Please remember that if more than one household is joining in a garage sale, each household needs its own permit. The sales permit is valid for up to three consecutive days, and each household is allowed two permits per year. 

City Stickers and Residential Zone Parking

Purchase a City of Chicago vehicle sticker from the Office of the City Clerk's online form. Remember to bring the forms listed on the City Clerk's website. If you live within a designated Residential Permit Parking Zone, the Clerk's Office will print your zone number on your city sticker. For more information, call 312-742-5375.