Alderman Cochran is committed to ensuring that every child in the 20th Ward has access to quality education options. On this page, you will find information regarding the Chicago Public Schools System, Catholic Schools, and other private education options. There are also a number of resources that can assist with making college education accessible. Below, you will find links to resources that can help you search for colleges, search for scholarships and grants, as well as connect you to resources to help with seeking financial aid. 

Chicago Ready to Learn Initiative 

The pre-K experience is critical, as it helps 3 and 4-year-old children develop the academic and life skills that will carry them into adulthood. Pre-K provides children with essential opportunities to learn and practice the social-emotional, problem-solving, and academic skills that they will use throughout their lives. 

Chicago Public Schools Calendar 

Access the CPS School Calendar, Key Event Dates, as well as a listing of calendar changes made due to the Severe Winter Weather we experienced early this year. 

Before- and After-School Programs

If you're looking for educational programming before and after school for your child, CPS has a listing of resources that you might find helpful. 

Selective Enrollment High Schools 

Selective Enrollment High Schools provide academically advanced students with a challenging and enriched college preparatory experience. Each of the selective enrollment high schools offers a rigorous curriculum with mainly honors and Advanced Placement courses. Teachers expect students to be self-driven and highly engaged with their studies. Click the link above to find more information on these schools and their application process. 

Looking for a School Near Your Home? 

If you're new to the neighborhood and looking for a school near your home, you can use this CPS Lookup Tool to filter and find schools near you. This tool also allows you to do a search for different kinds of school programs (Magnet, Military, etc) and it provides data and ranking information for all schools within the CPS system. 

Illinois Statewide School Performance Measurements 

The Illinois Interactive Report Card offers in-depth rundowns of the performance of every school within the state.

Southside YMCA Programs 

The Southside YMCA - located at 6330 S. Stony Island Ave. - has multiple programs available for children and young adults, including after-school programs and fitness classes. 

Chicago Public Schools Socio-Economic Tiers

In Chicago, a student's chance of getting into the city's top, selective high schools depends on where s/he lives. That's because selective schools use admissions quotas: CPS requires the schools to reserve an equal number of spots for students coming from poor and wealthy neighborhoods. The quota tries to level the playing field so that students applying for selective enrollment seats only have to compete with students living in similar neighborhoods as them. Click the link above for more information and to search what Tier your address falls under. 

College & University Search 

You have thousands of school options to consider! If you don't know where to start, The College Board offers an interactive search guide that can help you sort schools based on your interests, including sports teams, academic offerings, majors available, and others. 

College Scholarship Guide 

While getting a higher education can be expensive, you don't have to do it alone. This Scholarship Guide has a lot of information on many scholarships available to CPS and Chicago-area students. 

Illinois Black Caucus Foundation Scholarship 

The Illinois Black Caucus Foundation Scholarship offers assistance to undergraduate students who will be attending college during the 2014-2015 school year. Click the link above for more information, or call the ILBC Foundation Office at 1-217-544-0444. 

2014 Women's Health Science Program

The Women's Health Research Institute created the Women's Health Science Program (WHSP) for High School Girls & Beyond to provide science education programs to females from underserved communities. WHSP targets young women who are considering careers in science and medicine and prepares them with valuable knowledge and skills to successfully become the next generation of women science leaders.

City Colleges of Chicago 

If you are hoping to start college close to home, you have a wide range of options available through the network of City Colleges of Chicago. Get an education that works: their occupational, adult education or transfer programs deliver credentials of economic value that lead to good jobs or affordable four-year degrees.

Illinois Student Assistance Commission 

The Illinois Student Assistance Commission helps families plan for college and pay for college. They provide assistance with applying for financial aid and host a number of FAFSA workshops. 


CEDA Scholarship Program 

Scholarships are now available for post-secondary education at an accredited institution of higher education or vocational training in the State of Illinois for the 2014-2015 academic year. (*Award must be used for the 2014 fall semester/quarter.)

 For More Information Call: (800) 571-CEDA (2332)