To find out about the latest ordinances that Alderman Cochran has sponsored, visit the Chicago Councilmatic website or the Office of the City Clerk's Legistar system.

Employment Opportunities:

  • Established Workforce Development Centers; employing over 250 

  • Summer employment provided for 3,500 youths in the 20th ward

  • Placed more than 1,000 youth and young adults in jobs through the Put Illinois to Work Program

  • Introduced Career Pathways Initiative in Woodlawn; placing over 300 job seekers with help from delegate agencies and employers

  • 300 Permanent jobs brought to the 20th ward through Development Projects

  • Provided over 80 jobs through partnership initiated with University of Chicago and the CARA Career Pathway Program

  • Provided 30 ex-offenders with jobs through support of the TWO Employment Center and other ex-offender programs like Teamwork Englewood

  • Supported Mayor Emanuel's One Summer Workforce program

  • Expanded job opportunities by bringing new industries, such as transportation logistics (Norfolk Southern), to the 20th ward. 

  • Brought employment services and training to Woodlawn residents with help from the Metropolitan Family Services.

  • Collaborated with Kennedy-King College and Jane Addams Hull House Association to create the Center for Working Families at KKC to provide career education and training, job placement, financial counseling and resource assistance in a holistic approach to family and community advancement through satellite workforce development centers

Urban Development and Community Engagement:

  • Conducted the Nature Center Planter Project at 62nd and Kimbark with joint support from the Southeast Chicago Commission and residents of 61st and 62nd and Kimbark

  • Partnered with community residents to develop gardens with youth participation:

65th and Woodlawn Community Garden

65th and Woodlawn Community Garden


  • 54th Street Community Garden (863 W. 54th)
  • Ellis View Community Garden (63rd & Ellis)
  • Stay Focused Community Garden (62nd & St. Lawrence)
  • Brickyard Garden (61st & Woodlawn)
  • The 61st and St. Lawrence Community Garden
  • Englewood Gateway Garden (63rd & Yale)
  • 65th and Woodlawn Community Garden
  • Greater Metropolitan Garden
  • First Lady Michelle Obama's Garden at the RTW Vet Center
  • Perry St Farm at 57th St
  • 6600 S. Ingleside Community Garden

  • Reintroduced a Boys and Girls Club in Washington Park at the Carter Elementary School located at 5740 S Michigan Ave.
  • Established and expanded programs to build character, endurance, teamwork, and healthy bodies for youth, such as Hoops in the Hood Summer Basketball Tournaments, rejuvenated Youth Baseball League, Youth Track and Field Club, and Spring Break Sports Camps
  • Promoted parent involvement in youth activities and community commitment to youth programs
  • Engaged youth in athletic and sports programs: 20th Ward Track Team (increased competition- from one last year to 26 this year), Hoops in the Hood
  • Encouraged music and art development in the Ward through partnerships the DuSable Museum (Movies in the Park, Steppin Under the Stars, The Sounds of History: jazz concert series) and the Logan Art Center (Wine and Painting Class)  
  • Communicate with community through various mediums:
  • Email and Newsletter: Publishes a weekly newsletter that highlights community events and builds a network of communication to the area; email blasts remind residents of city deadlines and other useful information
  • TV: Airs on CAN TV21 on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at 9:00 p.m.

  • Committed to the continued development and renovation of the community by engaging and participating in community-led initiatives and nonprofits, including Washington Park Consortium, Network of Woodlawn

  • Sponsored and developed numerous Senior Citizens field trips, annual events, and luncheons e.g. Senior Sweetheart luncheon



  • Fought against the proposed closings of 13 schools in the 20th ward; facilitated community meeting to hear concerns about future use of CPS closed schools

  • Established an Education Task Force and brought in reading programs to advance the comprehension of kindergarten and 1st grade students

  • Backed the development of Hyde Park Day School

  • Supported the implementation of GED and Early Childhood Development programs that include complete family support services

  • Supported the development of a new therapeutic school that addressed children and young adults who have emotional and development challenges

  • Assisted with investments over $30 million into public school improvements 

  • Donated over 5,000 book bags and school supplies to students

  • Sponsored after-school and summer programs, college tours, and educational field trips for 20th Ward students and adults, including Tall Ships outing, Chicago Children’s Museum visit & Cultural exhibitions

  • Donated 30 computers to schools and organizations to replace outdated equipment, including K.L.E.O. and St. Benedict the African-Stewart School

  • Chicago Childrens Museum - Initiated CCM’s collaboration with 20th Ward schools and community groups

  • KaBoom! - Initiated and coordinated construction of KaBoom! Playground for Brand New Beginnings families in Washington Park, together with the South Side YMCA and the New Beginnings Church

  • Partnered with community and business partners to provide service days in eight 20th Ward schools

  • Supported the Working in the Schools (WITS) program, a reading program that improves reading, writing, and articulation skills

  • Engaged students, parents and teachers during school closings, and voiced concern about safety of the students and their right to the best education available

  • Partnered  with schools leaders to establish relationship between community members and educators / school administration 

  • Partnered with City Colleges to assist with implementing sustainable and practical employment opportunities in various industries around the city


  • Supported and created more than 500 new units of housing development
  • Over $200 million invested in housing rehabilitation, senior housing, affordable housing, market rate housing and independent living housing
  • 20th ward awarded Micro Market Funding to address a distressed neighborhood suffering from foreclosures
  • Returned $5.5 million dollars in grants to homeowners for the utilization for home improvements
  • Sponsored 20th Ward Housing Resource Fair, providing residents information on credit repair, housing (re)financing, home fixtures, homeowner and tenant rights, utilities, community civic engagement, etc.
  • Continued construction of new low-income homes in Woodlawn with the Preservation of Affordable Housing (POAH)


  • Expanded mental health services to youth
  • Re-opened Woodlawn Mental Health Center in partnership with Thresholds
  • Before the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, Advocated for a free dental, pharmaceutical and health clinic (Community Health) in the 20th ward for those who do not have insurance 
  • Planned and supported a new expansion of St. Bernard Hospital in Englewood that enables an additional 40,000 patients visits by summer 2016


  • Serves as Vice Chairman of the Safety Committee; overseeing the police and fire department
  • Advocated for increased hiring of police officers resulting:
    • 1400 new police officers reassigned to district stations in the 20th ward
    • Established officers assigned to conflict zones, foot and bike patrols
    • reduction in crime and murder rates
  • Increased new advanced care ambulances; allowing for optimized on-scene emergency medical treatment performance


  • Sponsored and Co-sponsored laws to increase jail terms for gun crimes and gang members
  • Closed loop holes in legislation that reduce the incentive for cell phone thefts
  • Introduced a resolution charging gun companies to install tracking devices in new manufactured guns

Investments in the 20th Ward:

  • Over $270 million in tangible neighborhood improvements in the following areas:
    • Water mains
    • Sewers
    • Streets
    • Sidewalks
    • Lighting
    • Schools
  • Created and supported the following businesses and initiatives:
    •  New Walmart (Back of the Yards) 
    • Save A Lot grocery store
    • DuSable Museum expansion
    • The Logan Arts Center (University of Chicago)
    • Whole Foods (Englewood)
    • Auto Parts store
    • Squash Court Complex 
    • and more
  • Supported an application for $30.5 million grant Choice Neighborhood
  • Improved and established new parks, farmers markets, urban farms, community gardens, street resurfacing, and a $1.7 million investment in existing small businesses
  • Tax incentives to manufacturing businesses to improve and expand